journal of
social thought



At a time when the American left is struggling to revitalize itself, it is heartening to hear new voices entering the conversation. Freshly minted and eager to make it's mark, Negations promises to be an exceptional forum for cultural and political criticism in the years to come.

Martin Jay
University of California at Berkeley



The editors of Negations draw upon the tradition of 20th century social criticism as a springboard to understanding the crisis. In bringing together ideas from the Arts and Humanities, and from theology, as well as articles from Central Europe never before avilable in English, we hope to expand the realm of discourse in such a way as to open up new possibilities and move beyond the current stalemate; a society of warring camps polarized between postmodernism's endgame and right-wing hegemony. As the Marcusian term 'negations' implies, we hope to negate the negations of further possibility which close the realm of discourse, and we hope to create a new synthesis out of diverse and marginalized views.