Winter 1996

This issue is humbly dedicated

to the memory of the

late Robert W. Corrigan

Staff, Board and Thanks


Editorial Staff
J.L. Hinman ­­ Publisher
Tim Wood ­­ Managing Editor
Ray Hinman ­­ Poetry Editor
Lantz Miller ­­ Book review Editor
Jim Bratone ­­ Contributing Editor, Distribution, Development
Fran Carris ­­ Copy Editor
Patty Miklos ­­ Copy Editor
Editorial Board
Alex Argyros ­­ Literary Studies, University of Texas at Dallas
William S. Babcock ­­ Director, Graduate Program in Religious Studies, Southern Methodist University
Lyle Dabney ­­ Theology, Marquette University
David ChannelL ­­ History of Ideas and Philosophy of Science, University of Texas at Dallas
William Gibson ­­ Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara
Susan Heckman ­­ Dean of Graduate Program in Humanities, Professor of Political Science, University of Texas at Arlington
Fred Hotz ­­ Philosophy, Collin County Community College

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Lorraine Kahn ­­ Visiting Scholar in Film, Institute of Industrial Relations, the University of California at Berkeley
Barry Katz ­­ Author of Herbert Marcuse and the Art of Liberation, formerly Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley
Marcea Landy ­­ Department of English, University of Pittsburgh
James O'Connor ­­ Publisher of the journal Capitalism, Nature, Socialism and Professor of Economics, the University of California at Santa Cruz
George Pepper ­­ retired, Jaspers Scholar, Iona College
Nicoletta Pireddu ­­ Visiting Assistant Professor at Duke University
Theadore Walker ­­ Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University
Victor Worsfold ­­ Ethics, University of Texas at Dallas
Special Thanks
Patty Miklos
Terri Curtis
Fred Hotz
Kathy Miklos
We wish also to give our special thanks to those without whom we could not have gotten started. To Alex Argyros and Rainer Schulte, and especially to Barbara Lawrence O'Connor of Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, who went far beyond the call of duty in helping us, simply because she has been through it all before. And our thanks to all the many others who gave advice and encouragement in the early period.