Arts Revolution Festival

June 21, 1996 (Dallas, Texas) -- Today, Organizers of "Arts Revolution Festival", a multi-arts festival billing itself as "a Day outside Corporate Art" officially endorsed UNAPACK's 1996 Unabomber for President campaign.


Both UNAPACK and Arts Revolution Festival take the viewpoint that going along with the system as it stands by either voting for an establishment party or subscribing to corporate america's boycott of independent arts you've affirmed and reinforced the status quo. If on the other hand, you boycott the polls or corporate/mainstream art, your viewed as apathetic, complacent, uneducated. In short, your viewpoint is discounted and irrelevant.


An Alternative...

We support UNAPACK's effort to offer a true option for a protest vote in '96. UNAPACK organizers said: "To vote for the Unabomber is to vote and boycott at the same time. If nothing else, it's a vote against the election charade. It can be only seen as absolute protest, ridicule, or a "none-of-the-above" spurning of the political menu. You can cast an anarchistic vote you feel good about, and send the message that the presidential elections are a fraud. And you can still vote in local races and referendums where your vote counts for something." This approach, working in a way the system supposedly allows, is the best way to subvert that very system.


What is the Arts Revolution Festival?

The Arts Revolution Festival is an event dedicated to the range of arts by artists who are outside the corporate establishment, including the "Big Six" record labels, "mainstream" museums, "major" publishing labels, that maintain their dominance by ignoring and ostracizing the more creative and innovative voices of independent artists. In keeping with this spirit, the Festival takes an alternate approach and seeks no donors, corporate or government backers. The participants make each event happen out of their pockets, with a little help from donations from the audience. Arts Revolution Festival appears randomly, four times in three years so far, at different venues. Organizers expect to shortly announce a spotting on the on-coming fifth festival with the media-friendly plug line "taking the fifth".*


For Further Information

UNAPACK can be reached via email at unapack@paranoia.com or on the world wide web at http://www.paranoia.com/unapack/




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