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Poetry on the Web

The Centerfold Online is the internet home of the longest running poetry reading series in New York City. They regularly publish poems from around the country, including David P. Dash's Tonopah Dump with web design by our editor and soon, Queer, a poem by our editor. They've also founded Project Equinox: seeking poems from around the country celebrating the Fall Equinox.

The Poetry Mission is a poetry center in the Providence area of Rhode Island. Beginning in 1990, they've worked to build a great center, with a stage, bookshelves, tables and so on, all devoted to helping the public explore poetry. They're just looking for donations of a few good books.


Sound Poetry

Question Authority, the is Dallas' "Almost All-Star Sound Poetry Ensemble" is one of the more unusual poetry events out there, mixing poetry and music into an accessible post-modern mix that's been called everything from "Absolutely Brilliant" to a "Coffeebreak at an Insane Asylum". They've even taken performance stills and given them a strange psychedelic twist in their Gallery.


Spoken Word

When most people talk about Spoken Word, they think of the current slam scene. Needless to say, slam has it's antedents, including the Beats.

A group in London has taken the spoken word phenomena and moved it on the web in the form of a top-notch online zine called Shout!. They've publish articles that include Ginsberg on Ginsberg and coverage on much of the U.S. spoken word scene. They're part of the Spoken Word Network, which has even more inspired spoken word lunacy on tap.

One of the more controversial poetry efforts recently is Bob Holman's United States of Poetry. This site is the online home of the PBS special.


Art and Technology

If you're here, you've already shown just a little interest in the point where Art and Technology meet. The Art and Technology Society is devoted to exploring that boundary. A spin-off effort, called the Rocket Project, is devoted to being the first group that is not a government or major corporation to put a satelite into orbit. They're shooting for next year in collaboration with Nevada's Burning Man Festival.



Perhaps the largest effort to stop censorship on the internet is the Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign. You can jump over here and help them fight the Government's attempts to censor the Internet with the "Communications Decency Act".

A number of key articles used in the battle against the Communication Decency Act can be read over here. Warning these articles are not for the sold-out...

One of the more bizarre efforts to end the strange U.S. restrictions on internet usage involves an end to the ban on "exporting munitions" that includes basic encryption technology, the type that can protect your credit card from bad meanies. A group calling itself ITAR Civil Disobediance is fighting that restriction by actively involving as many people as possible in sending a very short encryption routine to the nation of Anguilla.


Friends and Supporters

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