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Note that that all material on poetry video will be moving to poetryvideo.com soon. Once it does, we'll put a notice to that effect here. If you're familiar with the old poetryvideo.com, this will be a completely different creature emphasising poetryvideo instead of documenting poets with video.

The links in the New section are current. The links in the old section are mostly dead. Over the next few months they'll be checked and combined with the new section and the new links slowly annotated. If you've got a suggestion for a site that covers poetry video in some way, please email.


Voices -- Poetry Video

Events, Festivals & Groups

Vancouver Sun - Sports
artists-archive: Loop: goto Loop;
It Plays In Peoria Productions
March 28, 1996-Vol27n23: Poetry & Video Conference
Nomad Video Festival Interview
Seattle Poetry Festival Schedule
e-poets.net home
Persistent VISION Film Festival Entry form
Guild Complex : Poetry, Books, Workshops, Art, Discussion, Fiction
The National Poetry Association

Natl Poetry Video Festival

Bubble Gum Alley - 7th National Poetry Video Festival
Seventh National Poetry Video Festival
8th Annual Poetry Video Festival


Nicole Blackman

Nicole Blackman

Robert H. Borgatti

Robert Borgatti's Home Page

Abby Coykendall

Abby Coykendall, C.V.

Arturo Cubacub

Arturo's Room / Photo 1974

T Dunn

Southern Ocean Review, Issue 5
T. Dunn: Recent Publications/ Poetry Readings/ Etc.

Charles Gaver

RMC: Charles Gaver Papers

Kurt Heintz

e-poets.net home
Edgewise Electrolit Centre: Telepoetics
The essentials of Kurt Heintz
eric leonardson: sound designer

Bob Holman

The World of Poetry - About the World of Poetry - Bob Holman
The Geography of Sound
Bob Holman
george jr. / Bob Holman

Jean Howard

Gvoon at The Lab in Chicago -- May 1999 -- By Jean Howard

Robert Kendall


Katsunori Kusunoki


Quraysh Ali Lansana


Evie Leder

Willfully Perverse Past Screenings


Auckland University Press: As Far As I Can See - Michele Leggott

Brigid Maher

Writer's Conference Speaker's Biographies

Temi Rose


Michael West

Michael West: artsbio

Gerard Wozek

Gravity bios - 2

J. Larry Winfield

USK | Poetry | Larry Winfield

Hilda Mauro

about the authors
After Five

Vance Bell

Vance E. Bell, Jr. -- University of Pennsylvania

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Sol MM Portal
Poetry Shows & Video Archives - Poetry Net Links
Visual Poetry
Busted for Poetry! - Poetry - 10/26/99
Poetry Shows & Video Archives - Poetry Net Links


Arturo's Room / On Poetry Video
USK | Chicago Poetry Scene Agonistics
A conversation with ROBERT KENDALL
Coda June/July 1985

Actual Works


Slipstream Video

Arturo Cubacub

Arturo's Room / Video Art

T Dunn/Doug DuCap

The Absinthe Art Exhibit Homepage: Quicktime Art and Poetry Videos




Writing Resources
AV #83085 - Video Cassette - Concrete Poetry
How To Find a Video in The CSCC Online Catalog


GRAFIX homey page
WHPK 88.5 FM -- Announcements
Acid Jazz Archive: hear me New York
Newark Report
ONElist : Arts : Poetry : poetry_about
Channel P
Free Speech Internet Television
[ncte-talk] Poetry Video and activity Idea
Literary Kicks


Vispo ~ Langu(im)age


Kurt Heintz is based in Chicago and co-created the National Poetry Video Festival. He has been broadcast in New York and Chicago, plus exhibited in Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Although his work is not available on line this site provides a comprehensive biography.

Arturo Cubacub was born in the Phillapines and is now based in Chicago. His videopoetry has appeared across the country, including the San Fransisco Poetry Film Festival. Check out his biography.

Christopher Hepburn is a digital video poet living in Albany, California and working on a Master's in Interdisciplinary Arts at San Francisco State University. His video poem "Phenyl.mov" was shown at the 19th Annual Poetry Film and Video Festival in San Francisco. Check out his artist's statement.

Tim Wood is a video poet living in Dallas, Texas and working on a M.A. in Humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas. His video poem Unseen was shown at the 3rd Annual Austin International Poetry Festival.


Videopoetry Events

National Poetry Video Festival is based in Chicago. Contact the Festival via Kurt Heintz at malachit@tezcat.com

Voice and Pen '97, based in Dallas, is a festival devoted to new media poetry, including poetry video. Check out the Festival's web page.

Poetry Film and Video Festival is based in San Fransisco. The festival has been operating for 19 years and offers a videotape of the best of last year's festival.


Video Poetry Sites

Telepoetics is one of the largest sites on the web devoted to new media poetry.


Internet Articles on Videopoetry

Time Coded Language: A Shirt Pocket How-and-When Chronicle of Poetry Video in Chicago is Kurt Heintz's overview of videopoetry and it's evolution in Chicago.

On Poetry Video. Arturo Cubacub discusses the basis for poetry and the reason both poetry and Arturo have moved into videopoetry


Other Articles and Books on Videopoetry

Patricia Reinhardt Monaco, Three Video Poems and an Essay on the Aesthetics of Adaption. Dallas: The University of Texas at Dallas, 1981