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Tim Wood. . .

Tim Wood's work is usually described simply by calling on names of some of the more surrealistic and bizarre figures in the twentieth century. Poet Sam Modica raises the name of Dali. Christopher Soden, Director of the Dallas Poets Community, introduced Tim's poetry at the 1995 Autumn Equinox Poetry Gala as "a fusion between Laurie Anderson and George Orwell." He later amended his comments in a review of Mr. Wood's book Voices: "After reading Voices: painting with words, I stand by that diagnosis, with perhaps a bit of Rod Serling thrown into the mix."

Some Poems

Last Victim


Reflex I've


And over at Centerfold Online --the website of the longest running open mic in the City-- you'll find Queer

Four Poems : on the edge of the Las Colinas Canal; shadows of lover, passed on; Its all been written; I Have a Dream...

The Lending Library has published Hollow Angels : an chAplet (electronic chapbook) of Tim Wood's poems available exclusively for various handhelds, including the Palm Pilot.

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