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Reflex i've

I remember centering a poem on a typewriter
each line coming one after another
stuck in sequence
The words chiselled into the page
caught with mistakes
coffee splashes
and crumbs
Dust settled
flavoring the books
guaranteeing authenticity
and proving truth could be measured, gauged
Time was God
unforgiving and distant
declaring our first choice
infallible, eternal, wholly inspired
I think about memory
  of     centering     a poem
      on a typewriter
when words were never ever ever repeated
     mirrors didn't reflect mirrors didn't reflect
and no one thought
          about their thoughts
                     about their thoughts
                                about their thoughts
                                          about their

Tim Wood

This poem was completed as part of a email poetry leap by that resulted in 

by Wayne Klick and 

	I Remember Centering a Poem on a Typewriter
by T.M. Weissenberger.


Copyright 1995 Tim Wood.
Permission is granted to copy any of these poems within the confines of the internet as long as the full text of the poem, the author's name, copyright notice and email are included and you send an note to
tim_wood@datawranglers.com letting the author know where the poem has travelled.




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