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i. communications

everything spiders forward

     on my end

it's not so much trapping the mouse
there are so many corners
and deadends

running out the time

before I can
find the end 
of the day job
and the sidework
and the volunteerin'
and the phone calls
and the email

ii. before escape again

Lucas tweaked Star Wars...
                              to take a poetic license
                              on Time's  journalistic liberties
                              he had to get a hit
                              to satisfy his perfection fixation
...but the movie remains

I've been around a decade longer
than that old stock 
without eight million dollars
for rejuvenation

the ensuing wear and tear on the edges
kept me from opening weekend

    this time

and the company was different...
the audience
was kept distant

    with most 

born closer to now than then

the movie didn't change
not the effects
the story,
even the actors.  a spiral 
into career oblivion
by the majority
keeps their casting


in silvered amber

nothing else


Tim Wood

Copyright 1997 Tim Wood.
Originally published in Matrix , based in Albuequerque, NM, USA. Permission is granted to copy any of these poems within the confines of the internet as long as the full text of the poem, the author's name, copyright notice and email are included and you send an note to
tim_wood@datawranglers.com letting the author know where the poem has travelled.




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