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West of the skyline

for Lisa Markley and Tim Seibles


        leaves and distant tires are whispered 
        along on the Trinity's halitosis breath        a plastic bottle
        and a candy wrapper    rumble
        down the street          threatening 
        more leaves tatter the edge of hearing
        rush closer
        then away
        as the breath comes
        heavier        thrumming
        slow profane hints of syllables
        that push into the pores
        and orifices of my clothes        touch
        my senses        the breath
        thickens                in the ragged
        gaps porches ring        pale
        air teases        draws the eyes
        to try and catch the sky
                        see where it ends...
                corner it
        smell thickens down
        the invisible lines
        catches the necks of cicadas
        and trills there        a scream slowly
        from a child
        or a hinge
                most drift
        the whispers draw
        us here        settle
        onto the old concrete        it settles us
        into our places        a homeless place
        full of homeless
        caressing... wraps... seeps                        these
        northers comfort
        and the greys of the skies
        are the only mystery        dreams take
        a few into other places        but    there
        the breath whispers
        profane hints        whispers
        they have followed            these
        homeless drift from homeless
        space to homeless space
        in the ragged gaps    exhaust
        laughs as they try to touch the sky
        and the breath whispers the Trinity in their ears
		Tim Wood

Copyright 1995 Tim Wood.
Permission is granted to copy any of these poems within the confines of the internet as long as the full text of the poem, the author's name, copyright notice and email are included and you send an note to
tim_wood@datawranglers.com letting the author know where the poem has travelled.




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