From 1994 until 2009, The Data Wranglers helped small businesses, organizations and Enterprise workgroups with websites, database solutions, custom applications and a lot of other things. In 2009, we merge with New World Web and Janse Innovations to become eDao, Inc. (edao.biz) Now, The Data Wranglers is eDao's skunkworks. On this site you'll find a mix of archival Data Wranglers material plus eDao's one-off and experimental projects. As you explore, you will also run into numerous different site designs. We have no plans to make the various pages consistent. But, we do think what's here is worth sharing. We hope you find it useful. If you have comments, either use the comments form on this site or edao.biz. Below are some of the things you'll find here.


  • HTML Character Codes
  • And our related tool that translates a letter you type into its character (ASCII) code
  • US Address standards
  • Greek Text is the "official" name for that chunk of greek words that's used in publishing to mock up a publication before the real text is ready.
  • Regular Expressions is a summary --plus links to a few man pages and other articles-- on how to use regular expressions, the *nix why to find and replace in tools like Emacs, GREP, SED and so on.
  • SQL Cheat Sheet is is a cheat sheet of some key SQL commands as used with PostgreSQL
  • Emacs Cheat Sheet covers core commands. But, unlike other Emacs documentation we've seen, it is organized to make it easy for a Mac OS or Windows user to get up to speed in Emacs quickly.

Web apps (iPhone compatible)

  • Notecards: Greek letters is a web app one of our staff threw together in part of a day to help himself learn the Greek alphabet (at least as it's used with New Testament Greek) on iPhone and desktop web browsers.
  • Convert Points to Pixels. Enter points (both simple integers and the ones with subunits, e.g. 5p9.6 in InDesign), the number of points per inch you're using and it will convert to pixels.
  • Colorado Springs Traffic Cams for iPhone makes the Colorado Springs traffic camera network usable from an iPhone.

Completely-ish Different

  • Neiman Marcus Cookies: Besides looking like the formula makes a good batch of cookies, the story is wonderful. Enjoy.
  • Comix is a page of links to humor around the internet. And, if you find lots of dead links, don't be surpriseed.
  • The original Data Wranglers Blog was a handcrafted blog that ran from probably the late '90s until March 2004. Only a handful of entries are accessible now. But, hey, it's fun to remember we've done it for a while.

The 1990's time machine!

Ah, yes. Remember when the internet was young, ugly and full of energy. We do, too. We're still hosting a lot of dormant arts sites from that era. Here are a few: