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This site is only rarely updated now. The contents are slowly being moved to one of several location. Poetryvideo-related material --the only current section of the site-- will be moving to poetryvideo.com fall 2000. Other material will be relocated to artsdfw.com and a new domain for the work of Tim Wood that will launch sometime this summer. And, as always, we'll note all that here. For the sake of a world free of broken links, this site will still be here, just not updated in the future.

New media poetry
related theory including the journal Negations
and information on Dallas arts events and publications


New Poetry

As we teeter on the edge of the millenia, poets are delving into new technology.
Poetry Video uses the metaphors in video images to compliment the words of the poet, while Computer-based Poetry uses techniques such as hypertext to take poetry in new directions of form.



Self Reflexivity is, at its core, the act of thinking about your thinking.

Negations: The Interdisciplinary Journal is a forum for expanding the realm of discourse, based in part on the belief that art is not just a private exercise in "espression," but a way to address many of our problems.


Stop talking and put the art in the public space

Arts Revolution Festival is an irregular series of arts events drawing together artists in different mediums.

the Word: the monthly guide to the arts in Dallas -- jump on board for interviews, articles and more on the art scene that's fermenting around the edges of the Can-Do city

or check out other people who are jamming those art timbers in peoples' eyes.


Odds and Ends About the Editor

Visual Art provides a sample of the editor's visual work.

Poetry lets you read between the webpage lines.

And if you really like bios and resumes, check out Tim Wood here