Issue 3 -- Table of Contents


Staff, Thanks and Information

Introduction to the Third Issue

(Excerpts from the Manifesto) and introduction to the third issue

J. L. Hinman

Albert Schweitzer On the Death of Civilization

J. L. Hinman

Marcuse and Biotechnology

Trudy Steuernagel

Arendt and Heidegger

The Fate of the Political

Charles Bambach

Student Movements in Germany, 1968-1984

Theoretical Background and Political Praxis

Peter-Erwin Jansen

translated by Geoffrey A. Hale

Having His Cake and Eating it too

Rorty on the Revitalization of the Left

Kevin Mattson

Learning from the Poor

Kevin Mattson

Democracy at the Watercooler

Kevin Mattson

The Timeliness of Karl Jaspers' Thought

Kurt Salamun's Karl Jaspers. Zur Aktualität seines Denkens -- a Review

Sigrid Koepke

Poem: Chamber Music

fran carris

6 Poems

J. Bretone

The Hard Sell of Human Consciousness (Part I)

and the Recovery of Consciousness in the Nature of Language

Lantz Miller