In 1933, the Texas Legislature created the post of Texas Poet Laureate. The post was filled continuously until 1981. Since then the post has been vacant all but a handful of years. The last Poet Laureate left the post in 1994. This project is an effort to convince Austin that the post is important and that Texans want someone in the post.

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Who Are We?

Texas Poet Laureate NOW! was started by the Word: the monthly guide to arts in Dallas Fort Worth. Any proceeds from donations, t-shirts sales and other efforts associated with the project will be used to establish a permanent endowment to provide a stipend for future Texas Poets Laureate.


Conact Us


Mail: 719 Woodlawn Avenue, Dallas TX, 75208

Phone: 214.914.1252


Campaign Goodies

We've got a page of banners and other ads available for your use.

If you want to collect signatures, we've got a petition in html format. And, we've got a information flyer in html format.