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The Ensemble

The ensemble is composed of several groups with current or future releases on the Metatron Press label and individual performers from throughout Texas. The ensemble has two tours to it's credit: December 1998, December 1999.

The ensemble specializes in improvisational mayhem that steals from music, poetry, dance and whatever else is at hand. They perform work that straddles the line between improvisation and composition and between music and poetry. That alone puts the ensemble and the performers in very select company. The ensemble is unique in creating visually exciting work that can be both funny and challenging. Even more uniquely, the work appeals to children and captivates adults.

The ensemble includes members of Comma and Question Authority, the. Comma is represented by Joseph Zitt and Tom Bickley. Question Authority, the is represented by Fran Carris, Tim Wood and Joseph Zitt. Other members of the ensemble included Thom the World Poet (Austin), Rod Stryker (San Antonio), John Snyder (Austin) and Josh Rosen (Austin)

More information on Comma and Question Authority, the is available through the links at the left. You can find out more on the individual performers by clicking the performers link at the left.