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For the Ensemble

the comma tour was... dynamic... energizing -- Morrie Green

How avant garde! We loved the show. We would love to have a copy of "dancing into the millennium"... (I miss) you doing your thing more... -- Twyla Grace

...wild shit, man... -- Rod Stryker

For Comma

"Three musicians 'meet' in performance, and the result falls outside the traditional concert - it is vocal theater, a celebration of the voice as a direct line to all the apparitions and emotions that make up experience... sentence fragments, repeated syllables, seductive hisses, whispers are the language of populations, ancient and familiar." -- Anne Pierce, Washington Review

"...bizarre and challenging..." -- Downtown Music Gallery

"Comma commits poetry in the spirit of a jazz ensemble. The works on the disc don't begin with a poem or lyrics in the traditional sense. They begin with a process, a game, a space to play in... The CD is a beautiful demonstration of the belief that poetry is not just about meaning, but about the emotion, space, and mood that can be created just by how sound collides and mixes. --The Word: the monthly guide to the arts in Dallas, October 1998

For Question Authority, the

rocking the modish Dallas music scene with an instrument-free band -- The Met (Dallas)

...so she's sitting there watching the videotape of our last show, and she's got this kinda pained 'I-am-looking-at-art' face on, and finally after a few minutes she asks 'Is this supposed to be... um... funny?' and I say 'Yes!' and she says ,'Oh, good!' and grins and chortles through the rest of the set...


for the tour (1999)

Temple Daily Telegram (ran multiple times, clipping from December 27 1999)

San Antonio Current, Week of December 16-22, 1999

Austin American Statesman, December 28, 1999

Austin American Statesman, December 24, 1999

Austin American Statesman, December 31, 1999

Map of Austin Poetry #112, December 28, 1999