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Various Documents and How-To's

No Whoops Allowed

A number of items that used to be here have moved to our tools section

Server and Being Web-Style

XHTML and CSS notes is an overview of XHTML and CSS, how to use them and links to more resources.

Another ezmlm how to: This mini-mini-howto walks you through setting up a mailing list in ezmlm; a popular mailing list server for Linux and other Unix-like OSes

Security is a short, definately incomplete and probably misleading set of partially annotated links to articles on security we had to store somewhere...

Search Engines, or more correctly, a basic guide to gettting that warm and fuzzy, well-indexed feeling for your websites.

E-Marketing Articles and Resources is an semi-anotated collection of insightful pieces on doing business via the web.

Website Goodies lists sites the provide free stuff you can use in your websites.

Regular Expressions is a summary --plus links to a few man pages and other articles-- on how to use regular expressions, the *nix why to find and replace in tools like Emacs, GREP, SED and so on.

SQL Cheat Sheet is is a cheat sheet of some key SQL commands as used with PostgreSQL

Emacs Cheat Sheet covers core commands. But, unlike other Emacs documentation we've seen, it is organized to make it easy for a Mac OS or Windows user to get up to speed in Emacs quickly. has reference cards for Emacs, mod_perl, Apache, Ansi C and others.

Miscellaneous JavaScript Notes and Examples. Very incomplete at the moment.

Miscellaneous Notes on PHP and Postgres. Very incomplete at the moment.

Miscellaneous Apache notes. Very incomplete at the moment.

HTML Goodies

Zadonick Oilers is now part of our JavaScript section.

HTML Character Codes.

FileMaker Pro

Opening Password Protected Files with Applescript : In response to a call for help, we venture into slightly more rarified territory with a how-to lesson on creating AppleScripts that open password-protected FileMaker Pro databases. Of course, we assume you already know the password...

Mac OS (Classic)

Tired of restarting your computer?: introduces how to use Apple's MacsBug --normally just a developer's tool-- to handle most program crashes that force you to restart your machine, and loose all your work in other programs. No nasty untested system extensions or control panels required! Only works with older versions of the Mac OS.


Project Echelon is an exercise in spying on your own citizens far beyond anything dreamt in the minds of the secret police of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. And it's outlandish enough that we expect that it'll never be made into a movie: no one would believe it. Not even as a James Bond flick. The catch is that it appears to be true.

US Address standards are annoying if you're doing mass mailings. One of our customers provided us with a page of standard directions he gives to his clients and agreed to let us republish it.

Dvorak Keyboard Layouts are something that you may be interested in trying out. We've assembled instructions to make this as painless as possible under Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

Comics and Humor: What! I hear you screaming. Hey, quiet down. Your boss may be listening. Now click through and find links to some of the best humor, parody and comics on the web.

Neiman Marcus Cookies: Besides looking like the formula makes a good batch of cookies, the story is wonderful. Enjoy.

Greek Text is the "official" name for that chunk of greek words that's used in publishing to mock up a publication before the real text is ready.