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Various Tools

Colorado Springs Traffic Cams for iPhone makes the Colorado Springs traffic camera network usable from an iPhone.

Dealing with Monitor Sizes is a simple tool that creates windows in the three common monitor resolutions (640x480, 800x600, 1024x800) so that websites can be tested for how well they work on various monitors.

Color Picker 2.0 is a tool developed by Netscape that is great for picking colors for webpages. We've also mirrored the article on it from Netscape

Distance Between Zip Codes finds the distance between the centers of two U.S. Zip Codes and looks up their 1990 population as well as the name (usually of the city) and the state. (not working at this time)

Wallhanging: have you ever wondered how galleries do such a wonderful job of spacing their artwork out so it looks just right? A lot of numbers and a calculator normally. We were asked to put together a little tool to make the job easier. And here it is for your enjoyment.

Calendar: A quick and dirty calendar applet. This may not function properly in older browsers. It's now part of our JavaScript section.

Difference Between Two Dates is an example of how to calculate the difference between two dates with JavaScript. It's another tool in our JavaScript section.

Chat: Interested in chatting with someone? We've got a open chat room that runs via a browser. If you'd like to setup your own, let's you do just that.