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Finally, simple image rollovers

While not ours, we really liked this example...

View Source for explantaion

These highly popular image rollover and browser detection suite of Javascripts are also availible at These scripts are used at Leopard's Corporate web site as well as several Fortune 500 company's web sites/intranet appplications. It is currently being used at over 1000+ sites on the global net. This script is also posted at under the "Javascripts" catagory. Just added: The people at also liked it enough to post it there as well.

NEW! --> Just posted at's Staff Picks Section, is the script itself.

Also picked it as a coolTool of the day here.

NOTE: This is now public domain, but please be considerate and notify me if you are going to use them. The script header is to stay in all implimentations.
Also a credit would be nice! ;)

Single image rollover
Double image rollover.
One-on-one rollover