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Some of Our Clients

Nortel Networks, a Fortune 500 company, supplies the equipment that makes the internet, phone system and other voice and data wonders happen. How we helped them:

World Wide Westerners is a company dedicated to keeping the west alive through educational efforts. We provide their virtual office.

Hybarger and Associates is a Texas company that provides various services to over 30 banks across the country. One of the services they provide is to track the municipal securities, mortgage back securities and other equities their clients own. We built and continue to develop the system they use to track over $1.5B in assets. Future plans include providing their clients with secure web-based access to any of almost 50 reports for any point past or present.

DDB Needham, Ad Weeks' Southwest Advertising agency of the year (1997), has clients that include American Airlines, McDonald's, General Mills and Volskwagen. We help them track ads and ad payments for placements on 5 continents for one of their key clients.

artsDFW (originally the Word: the monthly guide to the arts in Dallas) opened it's doors in 1995 and through 2001 included the most detailed arts calendar for the Dallas/Fort Worth area, plus interviews, reviews, poetry and more. We built a web-based system that handled everything from submission and editing of articles to their monthly calendar to automatically creating a monthly front page.

We created a full media package, a short video, music CDs, ad slicks, and other promotional materials to support a Bipolar and Depressive Illness outreach by The American Orthodox Catholic Church -- Monastery of the Ressurection was the website for living poets from around the world. The project, developed by The Data Wranglers, was the first place you could watch video of poets performing, read their poetry, read about their poetry and their history and buy their books, CDs and more.